Patria o muerte, venceremos (backtomono) wrote in stairwaytocamp,
Patria o muerte, venceremos

Hey Everybody!

Welcome to Stairway To Camp! :) I'm so happy to have a place to talk to other Jesse fans!! I've loved Jesse for evvvvverrr.....but it seems like just yesterday he won the Wannabe A VJ contest on MTV. He may not be on TV anymore, but we still luv you Jesse! Keep Rockin'!

For my first post here are a few poems I've written about Jesse. I'm not a professional poet so if you have any advice on how to make them better please let me know. ;)

watch on elbow
big crazy hair flying in
the wind; i love jesse!!

jesse loves rock and
roll; he dances just like a
crazy rock angel.

sexy clothes, tight pants
metallica and
skid row patches rule!

8th street kidz and jess
start a revolution of
rock and roll worldwide!
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i totally saw jesse camp at this party i went to in downtown la.


January 28 2005, 08:12:21 UTC 13 years ago

You're so lucky. I wish I was in LA so I could meet Jesse. *sigh*